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The Whole Health Warrior Digital Series:

The Whole Health Warrior

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The Whole Health Warrior

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The Whole Health Warrior

Digital Work Book - $7

The Whole Health Warrior

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The Whole Health Warrior

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A Personal Torah

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Print Books by Mike Chaet:

The Whole Health Warrior


The Whole Health Warrior

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Loops For Biz


Loops For Life


The Storyteller

The Game Changers

In The Air You Are 911




A message from Mike Chaet Ph.D. about the Whole Health Warrior books


After 40 years in the health club industry I retired and took time for personal reflection on my career. In 40 years our health club industry grew to almost 50,000 health clubs and 100,000,000 members worldwide. Why then did the rate of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other lifestyle diseases increase exponentially during this time period? I spent the next two years researching this and ultimately put the answers and solutions in the Whole Health Warrior books.

The final message is that “no one thing is the final solution. We must have a fully integrated and full spectrum approach to whole person health”. That is what I have hopefully described in these books.

A message from Gabriel Cousens M.D.


Having read every word of this book, I want to attest to the clarity and strength of how Mike Chaet has developed the teachings, and has thoughtfully shared how to navigate the paradigm shift, thus making the way clear for thousands of people to be inspired to make such a shift. The Whole Health Warrior book is a bugle call to action inspiring that spark of health warrior in each of us, to take the next step into enlightening ourselves and the whole world.

Gabriel Cousens, M.D. - from the forward

Author; Conscious Eating

Mike Chaet

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Ron Teeguarden’s comments on Whole Health Warrior:


Mike Chaet's new book, "The Whole Health Warrior," is an exuberant transmission of the rapidly emerging and essential live food based life paradigm. This paradigm, like all important paradigms in the history of humanity, encompasses more than a few rules of eating and a set of supportive recipes. The paradigm represents an evolutionary shift in human culture. This book spells out a clear path to a happier, more fulfilling life


Ron Teeguarden

Founder Dragon Herbs

Author - Educator

Taoist Master

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