The Whole Health Warrior Academy is an ONLINE HOLISTIC HOME STUDY SCHOOL dedicated to raising individual and global consciousness. Being  home study courses, you may complete them focused on your own schedule and your own pace..

The courses are mostly based on the content of the book entitled, The Whole Health Warrior, by Mike Chaet Ph.D., and the teachings of Gabriel Cousens M.D., Dr. Bernard Jensen and other enlightened holistic teachers and healers. It is fully focused on Whole Person Health.

There are currently 2 primary programs. The Personal Development Program is designed for those who wish to learn the material for personal use and sharing, the Professional Certification Program is for those who wish to become a Whole Health Warrior Professional Educator or to implement the material into your professional practice.

You may enroll and start in the Whole Health Warrior Academy Programs at anytime.
We understand you are probably as busy as all of us are. You will be able to complete your learning and study at your own rate.

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