Our goal is to elevate global consciousness by motivating people to live their lives at a higher frequency. We do this through enlightened education and personal counseling. It all starts by helping to open the portals of the SEVEN SACRED PRACTICES and walking through. This gives us the best chance of connecting with the Great Universal Energetic.

Our workshops, seminars and book signings are highly motivational, energetic, and educational. They may be done at our locations or a location of your choice. Each one is customized to your personal goals, purposes, and objectives. They can be anywhere from 90 minutes to 5 days. We will discuss fees, titles, content, and final arrangements during our initial discussion.

Call 406.431.4320 or email: wholehealthwarrior2012@gmail.com to get things started!

For detail on personalized individual counselling contact
Mike Chaet: mikechaet@gmail.com or call 406.431.4320

Outreach Programs: Costs will vary

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